TS-ACEL600 Push Button Timers
Acel Push Button Timer
Key Features
• 2 wire - No Neutral Required
• For Flourescents & Incandescent Lighting
• Adjustable Timing Range between 5 seconds and 20 minutes
• Aceltimer version complete with Red LED Light
• Compatible with 16mm deep single gang BS accessory plate
• Can replace existing single gang wall switches
• The Slave Neon version requires a separate neutral feed
• 16A rating for all loads
• Approved to BS EN 60730-2-7
• Slave version Part No:- TS-ACEL605

Please ensure when fitting HF Lamps and Compact Flourescents that they need to be fitted with a power factor correction capacitors. Needs to be 4uf per curcuit. Please order our part no:- TS-ACEL208

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